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It’s very important to me that I am always learning. By learning new techniques, I am becoming a better seamstress. If I am always a student in life, then I will act less like a know it all! For I know nothing. 

This week I learning two new sewing techniques: welt pockets and sewing knit fabric. Now I am no expert, but at least I attempted these new things!  

Today I finished my first knit project! I used Pixie Faire’s tutorial on sewing a cardigan. It actually turned out really good. So happy!!!


In my last post I mentioned taking an online class called Couture Techniques offered by Pixie Faire. In one of the lessons, I learned how to make welt pockets. It was actually easier than I expected. As I said last time, it is worth taking!  I tried this technique on the Liberty Jane Skinny Jeans. Next time I think I will make skinny slacks! Adding the welt pockets should make the pants look oh so professional!




I tested this pattern out with a Punky theme. Since it was a success, I also made the doll size inspiration of the dress I want to design for myself. You know, for that one day wedding. 

I used the chest, waist, and hip measurements and added a little extra in the back for the strapless bodice Velcro closure. Then layered gathered rectangles for the skirt and attached it to the bodice. I added the heart shape in the front and gathered tulle to the heart bust shape. Pretty basic and pretty cute!

I must have accidentally spilt some radioactive juice on my sewing machine because J’s doll came back from 1969 with a hippy dress and very feminine vest. 

Actually I decided to try my hand at converting life size patterns to 18″ doll size pattern. 

Here’s my inspiration: 

Here’s what I think it will look like on her doll:

I borrowed a vest pattern and re shaped the front. I found a bodice pattern and added length to it and the sleeves. After some rectangles for the cuffs and collar and drawing out a tie, bam! A new pattern. 

Now, I will have to add even more length to the dress or some white leggings because wooo that dress is way too short for a little lady. 

I think that it needs miniature frog closures or eyelets on the vest. What do you think?

I have some tie dye powder left over from a project I did a few years ago. We had tie dyed some white pillowcases to donate to the local children’s hospital. Waste not, want not! So I decided to put the leftovers to use.

 I love Liberty Jane! So many inspiring ideas, patterns, and tips. Liberty Jane has a video on ombré dying that inspired me to dye some fabric for a dress. This way I can turn, flip, and cut the fabric pieces as I please. 

I used red and yellow to make an orange color. I used a water jug cut in half to hold the dye. I placed it in the sink to keep the mess minimal. It turned out a little peachy. This was definitely a test run. I need more ombré dying practice.

I decided to let it drip dry for a little to see if it fades a bit. Here’s what it looked like while drip drying. 

I just finished it this morning at 4:30am. Yawn! After an evening of sewing at a church activity, I hit my bed pretty fast but didn’t stay asleep for long. I’ve been up since 2:30 searching Pinterest, Etsy, and EBay for inspiration and then decided to actually be productive. 

I chose Simplicity pattern 1484’s wrap dress. It’s a simple pattern that I thought would show off the ombré coloring.  

I have finally finished the dress for J’s doll using the leftovers from the Princess Dress I made earlier this year.

I used the Ariel pattern in the Simplicity pattern 1581 for this Wintery dress. I omitted the crown and the tulle underskirt. I also made a bolero to cover her cold shoulders.



Here is my next inspiration: a pattern I was given in a box full of fabric, patterns, and notions still in their original store bags with receipts from the 1950s-60s! I have sketched out what I think it would look like on the doll. The dolls don’t have NEARLY as many curves as a woman but I think I can make it work.