On May 30th, I will be attending the What a Girl Wants show at Expo Idaho! I am so excited. I have been slacking on sewing but I have a good handful of pieces. I am going to be signing up to partner with Liberty Jane Clothing so that I can sell clothes made from patterns found on Pixie Faire. Ah just so excited!

Last week I received an affirmation regarding my sewing. I entered into a comment contest to win a free seat at LJC’s sewing class Couture Techniques. I won! Sewing doll clothing is one of the memories and legacy I want to leave behind for my daughter and nieces. I watched all of the videos in one night! Wooo, so inspiring and educational. For $59, it is worth the class and course packet.

Today I made a pair of Skinny Jeans designed by LJC. I bought this awesome zebra striped fabric from a local fabric store 3 years ago and haven’t figured out what to make until now. 

Here’s how they turned out!


I tested this pattern out with a Punky theme. Since it was a success, I also made the doll size inspiration of the dress I want to design for myself. You know, for that one day wedding. 

I used the chest, waist, and hip measurements and added a little extra in the back for the strapless bodice Velcro closure. Then layered gathered rectangles for the skirt and attached it to the bodice. I added the heart shape in the front and gathered tulle to the heart bust shape. Pretty basic and pretty cute!

I must have accidentally spilt some radioactive juice on my sewing machine because J’s doll came back from 1969 with a hippy dress and very feminine vest. 

Actually I decided to try my hand at converting life size patterns to 18″ doll size pattern. 

Here’s my inspiration: 

Here’s what I think it will look like on her doll:

I borrowed a vest pattern and re shaped the front. I found a bodice pattern and added length to it and the sleeves. After some rectangles for the cuffs and collar and drawing out a tie, bam! A new pattern. 

Now, I will have to add even more length to the dress or some white leggings because wooo that dress is way too short for a little lady. 

I think that it needs miniature frog closures or eyelets on the vest. What do you think?

I have some tie dye powder left over from a project I did a few years ago. We had tie dyed some white pillowcases to donate to the local children’s hospital. Waste not, want not! So I decided to put the leftovers to use.

 I love Liberty Jane! So many inspiring ideas, patterns, and tips. Liberty Jane has a video on ombré dying that inspired me to dye some fabric for a dress. This way I can turn, flip, and cut the fabric pieces as I please. 

I used red and yellow to make an orange color. I used a water jug cut in half to hold the dye. I placed it in the sink to keep the mess minimal. It turned out a little peachy. This was definitely a test run. I need more ombré dying practice.

I decided to let it drip dry for a little to see if it fades a bit. Here’s what it looked like while drip drying. 

I just finished it this morning at 4:30am. Yawn! After an evening of sewing at a church activity, I hit my bed pretty fast but didn’t stay asleep for long. I’ve been up since 2:30 searching Pinterest, Etsy, and EBay for inspiration and then decided to actually be productive. 

I chose Simplicity pattern 1484’s wrap dress. It’s a simple pattern that I thought would show off the ombré coloring.  

I have finally finished the dress for J’s doll using the leftovers from the Princess Dress I made earlier this year.

I used the Ariel pattern in the Simplicity pattern 1581 for this Wintery dress. I omitted the crown and the tulle underskirt. I also made a bolero to cover her cold shoulders.



Here is my next inspiration: a pattern I was given in a box full of fabric, patterns, and notions still in their original store bags with receipts from the 1950s-60s! I have sketched out what I think it would look like on the doll. The dolls don’t have NEARLY as many curves as a woman but I think I can make it work.



Family Motto Canvas

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Art
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At the last Stake Conference a speaker talked about helping to bring your family closer by establishing a family motto. This motto contains what’s important to you and your family. I decided to make this for my father and ma. I will also make one for my other parents and add some scripture based values.

To tackle this project, I used the letters of our last name to start each sentence. The background are the colors of our family crest and tartan.

I spray painted the background red and used yellow acrylic paint and stencils for our last name. Then I wrote the values out in pencil and went over them with a paintbrush and green acrylic paint.

Here’s how it turned out! I do plan on going over green with another coat mixed with a tad bit of white to lighten it up.


The dress is all done! I have to say, the most challenging part was figuring out the gauntlets. The best way I figured was to follow the directions, go figure. Pinning the sides and then pulling it out through the lining hole gives you a great visual of where to sew. I did change one thing: 5″ of elastic per gauntlet instead of 3 1/2″. It is wayyyyy too tight with 3 1/2″.

I made a detachable cape by taking a half yard of fabric and gathering the top. I added a casing on the top with coordinating fabric and sewed some snaps to it and the dress. This way the kiddo can take it off when she’s going to ride a ride.

I had my niece try it on for me. Doesn’t she look so cute?




Princess Dress: Simplicity 1508

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Sewing
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I love word of mouth. After I made the upcycled aprons for a coworker, another asked me to make her daughter’s princess dress for their Disney trip here Ina few weeks! She chose Simplicity 1508. What a cute pattern! She loves Frozen so my coworker picked out silvers and blues. Here’s my progress so far!



All I have left is some slip stitching, hemming, a sash, a snowflake cape, and the gauntlets.

I can’t wait to see it on her!

Aprons from Grandpa’s Shirts continued

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Sewing
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I finally finished the 12 aprons just before Thanksgiving! It was quite the accomplishment. Each one has its own personality.







Aprons from Grandpa’s Shirts

Posted: November 16, 2014 in Sewing
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I have been commissioned by a coworker to make aprons out of her late fathers shirts for the granddaughters and daughters. What a great way to honor a loved one.

Pinterest is filled with ideas, but this one is the most basic.

Here’s the first one I’ve made so far. I used the shirt sleeves for the pockets by gathering the seam and sewing it to the shirt. The ruffle, ties, and collar facing is from the back of another shirt.


One down, 10 to go!