A Whatever Weekend

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I love “Whatever Weekends.” Me and my bf just did whatever we wanted on Saturday. No appointments, no obligations. We ended up going to several different thrift stores in our area. Our first stop was a Catholic thrift store where I snagged a halfway made girls dress for 59 cents! It has that vintage print look to it and I plan on making a few sundresses for the American Girl Dolls.


I also worked on my white corset for halloween. I want something versatile so I can be a mad hatter one day and a zombie the next. Then wear it to a Renaissance Faire some other time. I changed up the pattern a bit by sewing down the two layers around the boning and adding bias tape at the bottom. I also did not add boning to the top so that it would lay on my chest better since I have lost a little mmmph up top


On Sunday, my folks and I went to Ketchum to watch the Trailing Of the Sheep. We got to see 1500 sheep run through town, eat some awesome grub, and explore the little shops. After things died down in town, we went to a small fabric store in Hailey and picked up this awesome small print houndstooth fabric. I think I will make a suit jacket or two for the American Girl Dolls.




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