American Girl Doll Kilt and More Clothes

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Sewing, Tutorial
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My daughter and nieces all have American Girl Dolls. I am so jealous. I bet that I play with my daughter’s doll more than she does. I have become addicted to making clothes for her! So I will be making clothes for the girls’ dolls for Christmas!
I took advantage of an awesome sale at the fabric store and stocked up on patterns for $1.00 each! If I can give you any pattern purchasing advise, it would be to download Jo-Ann’s phone app and keep an eye out for their pattern sales. Also check out your local thrift stores.

My favorite pattern right now is Simplicity #1392. It contains so many patterns that are medieval/steampunk themed. I love the under shirt. You can change it up to be short or long sleeved, gathered or hemmed, or as a dress slip.

Today, I made a Scottish outfit while I’m still in my kilt mood. I used the coat and under shirt from the above mentioned pattern and designed a kilt pattern. Now mine didn’t turn out so great because I guesstimated instead of making the pattern first. Mine tuned out to look like a basic pleated skirt instead of a kilt.

AGD Kilt



First, note that their waist is 11″. Next, determine if you want the kilt to have elastic in the waistband, or if you want it to have a Velcro closure. I found that pleats showing 3/4″ works great.

To make the kilt with elastic:
4.5″x33″ fabric
4″x13.5″ fabric for the waistband
11″ elastic ( I use the 1/4″ or 1/2″)
1. Sew a hem one long side. The unsewn part will be the top.
2. Set your rectangle to be horizontal in front of you.
3. Measure 3.5″ and fold the rest of the fabric back and press. This first 3.5″ will be the apron. Mark the half way point starting from after the apron.
4. After the fold, {measure 3/4″. Fold and press forward.
5. Measure 1.5″ from the last fold. Press backwards. Pin pleat.}
6. Repeat from { to } until you get to the half way point.
7. Reverse directions of the pleat by measuring 3/4″ and then pressing the rest of the fabric towards the apron.
8. Now measure 1.5″ and press to the end of the fabric. Pin pleat.
9. Repeat 7-8 until the end of the fabric piece. This should be 13.5″ when you are done. Adjust the last pleat if needed.
10. Sew a stay stitch across the top

• Waistband/yoke:
1. Fold yoke in half the long way.
2. Sew casing a little wider than your elastic and big enough for a safety pin to feed the elastic through.
3. Sew the raw edge of the yoke to the raw edge of the pleated skirt.
4. Press the seam up towards the yoke. Sew a top stitch close to the seam.
5. Feed the elastic through the casing.
6. Sew the skirt down the sides. This seam will be in the front because the apron goes in the front.
You are done!

Kilt with Velcro:
4.5″x 32″ fabric
Velcro 2″ long or a little shorter
4″x 14.5″ fabric for yoke/waistband

I love Their Velcro is thin and not bulky. I cut mine in half long ways to make it last longer and it is still a good width.

The only things different with the Velcro kilt pattern are:
1. At both ends mark off 3.5″. The two aprons will over lap. Sew/fabric glue your Velcro to the front of one and use fabric glue one to the back of the other apron.
2. Mark the middle of the fabric between the two aprons. Use same pleating instructions as above.
3. Yoke: fold in half long ways, wrong sides together. Sew just the short sides. Turn right side out and press.





Here’s a picture of the coat I made from the steampunk/medieval pattern


Note: I prefer the Velcro tutorial because it truly looks like a kilt with the apron separated from the pleats. Here’s how it looks:


Here’s another fun patriotic outfit I made this past weekend. I used Kwik Sew 2878 for the shirt and Simplicity 1484 for the skirt.



  1. Donna says:

    Hi there, I can’t find Simplicity 1382 anywhere. Is it a new pattern? Any chance you could scan the front of it so I can research it using the UPC? Thanks. I love your Doll clothes.

  2. usmclau says:

    Do you offer these for purchase?

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