Scrap Quilt-A-Long: Week 6

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Sewing, Tutorial
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This was yet another slow week for me. With my honey being out of town and it being Rodeo week, I only had time to make 3 blocks.

Week 6 blocks includes Evening Star -Morning Star, Interlocked Squares and Star, and a Skull Printed Sunflower.

I am going to start adding the measurements in with my posts instead of making two posts for each week.

Evening Star – Morning Star Variation (Once again, I do not know the actual name of this block)


I saw this one on Pinterest, but it was only a Flickr picture. So I drew it out, came up with measurements, and made the block. It ended up being 8 1/2 inches rather than 8″. I think I measured the rectangles incorrectly . This is a 16 patch, so you can increase or decrease this easily.

Assemble the Inner star-
•Color A (your center fabric): one 2 1/2″ square
•Color B: eight 1 7/8″ HST
•Color C (background): four 1 1/2″ squares, and four 3 1/4″ QST (this measurement is of the longest side). Or the QSTs can be replaced by rectangles 2 1/2″x1 1/2″.

1. Sew two HSTs to the short sides of each rectangle or each QST.
2. Sew the small squares to the right and left of two of the new rectangles you just make.
3. Sew one of the new rectangles from step 1 to the left and right side of the center piece. The pointy ends of the HSTs pointing away from the center.
4. See the rows together like the picture shows.

Assemble the left and right sides:
• Color C (background): eight 3 1/4″ QST
• Color D: four 1 7/8″ square
• Color E: eight 2 7/8″ HST or 2 1/2″ squares.
1. Sew two QSTs to two adjoining side of a square to make a bigger triangle. Ending size of the longest side should be 4 1/2″. Repeat with the other side pieces.
2. Sew two color E pieces to the short side of the triangle made in step 1. This will be a rectangle 4 1/2″x2 1/2″. Repeats with the other pieces.

Assemble the corners:
• Color C (background): four 1 1/2″ squares and four 2 1/2″x1 1/2″ rectangles
• Color F: four 1 1/2″ squares
1. Sew one color F to one background. Repeat with the rest of the squares.
2. With color F pointing DOWN: Sew one background rectangle to the left of step one’s rectangle. Repeat one more time. Sew the other rectangle to the right of step one’s rectangle. Repeat one more time.

Assemble the block:
1. Layout the pieces to look like the picture. This is important because if you rotate one piece the wrong way, your block will obviously look different.
2. Sew the pieces in their corresponding row.
3. Sew the rows together to make the block.

Oh and of course remember to press after each step.

Interlocked Squares and Star
8″ square


This was a bit more difficult to come up with a game plan. After it was done I came up a simple way… Assemble in quarters from the center out. Then sew the quarters together.

I will give you the measurements of the pieces with the 1/4″ seam allowance and then give you instructions for making a quarter of the block and assemble the rest from there.
Pay close attention to the direction your HST square combos face when sewing them into rows! If it helps, keep the picture of mine up or make a graph drawing.

• HSTs @ 1 7/8″ OR 1 1/2″ squares
• color A: 20 (background color)
• color B: 20
• color C: 8
• color D: 8 (make it very different from B)
• Four Rectangles @ 1 1/2″x3 1/2″ in color D.
• Four squares @ 1 1/2″ in color E.
• Eight rectangles @ 2 1/2″x1 1/2″ in color A.

1. Sew your HSTs together as follows:
• two sets of A&C
• three sets of A&B
• two sets of B&D
2. Sew Square E to A/C, then to B/D and last add A/B. This is row 1.
3. Sew A/C to A/B, then to B/D. This is row 2.
4. Row 3 is rectangle D.
5. Sew A/B to rectangle A. This is row 4.
6. Sew rows 2, 3, and 4 together.
7. Square A to rectangle A. Sew this to step 6’s right side.
8. Sew row one on top.
9. Repeat with the other quarters.
10. Sew the quarters together to make your square.

Clear as mud??? Make a drawing of this on graph paper. It really helps during assembly.


Skull Patterned Sunflower


My handsome man and I were visiting some friends one kidless evening when me and my lady friend were discussing her next quilt. She cuts, sews, and quilts by hand. What patience, precision, and peace! Wow! One of the quilts in her book was of sunflowers. I was in love! Although my block wasn’t as intricate as the one in the book, I think mine has spunk!

The one I made is an easy 9 patch. Although converting it to an 8″ block was a challenge. It turned out great in the end though.


This has 4 sets of square in a square. I made this one easy. No HSTs; it’s all squares.

• Color A (background): twelve 1 7/8″ squares
• Color B (petals): four 3 1/8″ squares and four rectangles @ 3 1/8″x1 7/8″
• Color C: four 1 7/8″ squares and four rectangles @ 3 1/8″x1 7/8″
• Color D: one square @ 3 1/8″

1. Chain sew this step. Sew 3 background fabric squares to the corners of the petal fabric 3 1/8″ square. You are sewing these on the diagonal to make new corners. I start by sewing one background to one corner of a petal square and chain sew the rest like this. Flip to the next side and repeat. Flip to the third corner and repeat.


2. Now you have one naked corner of the petal squares left. Sew squares in color C in the same way to complete the square in a square.

3. Sew the rectangles together.
4. Layout your squares into the pattern like the block I made.
5. Sew the squares together in their rows.

6. Finish up by sewing the rows together!!!

Ah. What a chore. My laptop died so I am typing this on my iPhone. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that the instructions were clearer than mud.


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