Scrap Quilt-A-Long: Week 5

Posted: August 11, 2014 in Sewing

Another slow week for me. Excuses, excuses. Just got a promotion this last week. So excited! It’s amazing how when you put a dream out to the universe, God, Allah, whoever, whatever, and then not stress about it, a path with triumphs and answers is paved. I didn’t apply for the first job I got at this company. They had my resume on file from 5 months prior and called me. Then an employee decided to transfer out of the office to the stores so they asked me to promote. So blessed and so excited. Very happy with life right now!

Anyways, week 5 only produced two and a half blocks. I finished the third one yesterday.

This first one completes a small series I have. I made Idaho and California and now I have Road to California as a tribute to my relocation from my birth home to beautiful Idaho.


This one is California. My birth state.


The last for this week is called Ribbon Star.


Maybe when I have some time I will post measurement for all these blocks!


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